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All you need to know about our trampoline nets for catamarans

VB Sports conceives several types of nets, including trampoline nets for multihulls (catamarans and trimarans). We provide a professional range for boat builders (such as BENETEAU, Fountaine Pajot, Outremer…), but also a leisure range, designed for individuals and professionals who needs mid-range products. Discover the differences between our 2 ranges of trampoline nets for catamarans!

Our professional range of catamaran nets

This professional range offers the very best quality available today. Boat builders always want to propose the best product possible to their clients, and this is why they choose this range.

Designed for professionals, these trampoline nets can be made with 2 different types of mesh.

Professional mesh 13 x 13mm

  • Material: 98% polyamide
  • Finish: simple finish with double overlock
  • Colour: white

Good to know:

We can also dye it in a different colour. However, you should know that this is only possible on the surface, thanks to one of our special processes. Because of the UV exposure and sea salt, the colour can also lose intensity over time on these nets specifically made for professionals.

Professional mesh 30 x 30mm

  • Material: 98% polyester
  • Finish: double finish on the perimetre (triple overlock + a 10mm polyester bolt rope placed in each mesh by hand)
  • Colours: white, black, dark grey and beige

Good to know:

Our nets with 30 x 30mm professional meshes weigh approximately 710gr/m². This is a lot more than what competition can offer (around 450gr/m²) !

Our material is more dense, more resistant and of better quality. This is why a lot of skippers around the world choose to sail with it.

Our leisure range of catamaran nets

They are specifically made for individuals and professionals who need to replace their catamaran nets. This is also a great option for people looking for a mid-range product with an interesting price.

Our standard trampolines are available in only one option.

30 x 30mm mesh

  • Material: 98% polyester
  • Finish: double finish on the perimetre (double overlock + a 10mm polyester bolt rope placed in each mesh by hand)
  • Colour: white, black, dark grey or blue

This type of mesh offers a good price-quality ratio, since the material weighs around 580gr/m². While remaining light, our catamaran nets for leisure are significantly resistant and durable.

Why choose your trampoline nets with VB Sports?

  • All our trampoline nets are entirely made in France
  • All our trampoline nets are custom-made
  • You enjoy a fast delivery, wherever you are
  • We have been manufacturing trampoline nets for catamarans for over 20 years
  • We know all the technical details about the most popular catamarans around the world, because we work directly with the biggest boat builders

Do you need a quotation for your next catamaran nets? Whether you are a professional or not, we will always provide you with the product that’s right for you.

Since 2001, more and more international clients have chosen us for their nets. Why don’t you join the movement?

Your contact information:

Pauline Bisson
Internation Client Support
+33 (0)2 35 56 17 42