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lock nut
  • Ecrou à frein

The lock nut is to be used with the threaded rod.

Reference Color Description
5ACG010069 steel For post hooks
Bolt-on hook and threaded rod
  • Crochet tige filetée

Reference Color Description
5ACG010066 Steel For PB poles
Plastic cable guides
  • Guides câbles noir

Find all our accessories like plastic cable guides.

Reference Color Description
5ACP005150 Black diameter 2,7 À 5 MM
Wire strainer
  • Tendeurs 2 chapes

  • Tendeur à crochets galvanisé M8

  • Tendeur à crochets galvanisé M10

  • Tendeur à crochet et lanterne galvanisé M8

  • Tendeur à crochet et lanterne galvanisé M10

  • Tendeur à lanternes galvanisé M8

  • Tendeur à lanternes galvanisé M10

In stainless or galvanized steel, VB sports offers eye and eye turnbuckle , hook or clevis tensioners to attach our nets

Reference Color Description
5ACG008060 GALVANISED STEEL M8 type Lantern Wire strainer
5ACG010060 GALVANISED STEEL M10 type Lantern Wire strainer
5ACI080060 Inox steel M8 type Lantern wire strainer
5ACG010080 zinc-plated Tensioner 2 stamping screeds - DIAM 10 MM - 470 KG
On demand GALVANISED STEEL M8 type hook and lantern wire strainer
On demand GALVANISED STEEL M10 type hook and lantern wire strainer
On demand GALVANISED STEEL M8 type hook wire strainer
On demand GALVANISED STEEL M10 type hook wire strainer
Galvanized steel wire tensioner
  • Raidisseurs NR4 noir

  • Raidisseurs NR4 vert

  • Raidisseurs NR4 blanc

  • Raidisseurs NR3 vert

  • Raidisseurs NR2 vert

Find our selection of galvanized steel wire tensioner in various sizes and colors.

Reference Color Description
5ACG110110 black NR4
5ACG110210 white NR4
5ACG110310 green NR4
5ACG100310 green NR3
5ACG060310 green NR2
Wire rop clip
  • Serre-câble à étrier galvanisé 5mm

  • Serre-câble à étrier galvanisé 6mm

  • Serre-câble à étrier inox 6mm

We offer you our range of wire rope clips in stainless or galvanized steel for a strong and efficient hanging of our nets.

Reference Color Description
5ACG005050 Galvanized steel 5 MM
5ACG006050 Galvanized steel 6 MM
5ACI050050 Inox steel 5 MM
5ACI060060 Inox steel 6 MM
Wire rop thimble
  • Grande cosse

  • Petite cosse

Wire rop thimble of different sizes to hang the cables of the nets. Made of galvanized steel.

Reference Color Description
On demand Galvanized steel Large
On demand Galvanized steel Small